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Spring Roll Ground chicken, clear noodle, cabbage, celery, mushroom, carrot and egg in spring roll wrapper. $4.00

Steamed Dumpling Ground Pork, bamboo, mushroom, scallion, water chestnut and egg in wonton wrapper. $6.00

Chicken or Beef on Skewer (Satay) Grilled marinated chicken or beef, peanut sauce and cucumber relish. $7.50

Thai Crab Cake (Pu Ja) Crab meat, bread crumb, green onion, basil leave, cilantro and egg. $7.50

Curry Puff Ground chicken, potato, pea, onion and curry powder in puff pastry. $4.50

Pot Sticker Pan-fry ground pork, garlic, ginger, carrot, cilantro and scallion in wonton wrapper. $6.50

Chicken Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Kai) Chicken, mushroom, and scallion in coconut broth. $4.50

Wonton Soup Ground pork in wonton wrapper, scallion, and bean sprout in light broth. $4.50

Grilled Steak Salad Sliced flank steak, scallion, cilantro onion, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, carrot and spicy Vinaigrette dressing. $7.50 Adobe Systems 

Papaya Salad (Seasoned) Shrimp, Julienne green papaya, carrot, snow pea, tomato and peanut tossed in lime dressing. $7.50

House Salad Fresh romaine, lettuce, mixed green, cucumber, onion, carrot, mushroom, tomato and peanut dressing. $4.00



All served with fried rice or white rice and soup of the day.  Brown rice $1.50


Chicken Red Curry    Chicken, bamboo shoot, zucchini, red and green pepper, basil leave in red curry sauce. $9.00 Adobe Systems

Chicken Panang Curry  Chicken, green bean, broccoli, red pepper, basil leave in peanut curry sauce. $9.00 Adobe Systems

Chicken Potato Curry (Keang Karii)  Chicken, potato and onion in aromatic yellow curry. $9.00 Adobe Systems

Shrimp Green Curry   Shrimp, snow pea, eggplant, red pepper and basil leave in green curry sauce. $10.00 Adobe Systems

Tofu Curry  Steam tofu, pea, onion, scallion, tomato, zucchini and cilantro in yellow curry. $9.00 Adobe Systems

Vegetable Curry Cauliflower, green bean, eggplant, zucchini, potato, baby corn, red pepper, cilantro, peanut in red curry

       sauce. $9.00 Adobe Systems     

Chicken Ginger   Chicken sautéed with ginger, scallion, onion, mushroom, red and green pepper in bean sauce. $8.00

Chicken Peanut   Chicken sautéed with scallion, ginger and spinach in peanut sauce.  $9.00

Chicken Cashew Nut Chicken sautéed with cashew nut, onion, snow pea, scallion, green and red pepper in light brown

                                       sauce. $8.00          

Chicken Basil  Chicken sautéed with sweet basil leave, onion, scallion, red and green pepper in hot chili sauce. $8.00 Adobe Systems

Chicken Chili   Chicken sautéed with scallion, mushroom, onion and basil leave in chili sauce $9.00 Adobe Systems

Beef Oyster   Beef sautéed with mushroom, onion, scallion, green and red pepper in oyster sauce. $8.00

Beef Broccoli  Beef sautéed with broccoli and almond in light brown sauce. $8.00

Pork Sweet and Sour Pork sautéed with onion, cucumber, scallion, red and green pepper, tomato, pineapple in tomato

                                      sauce. $8.00

Pork Garlic  Pork sautéed with garlic, scallion and red pepper in light garlic sauce. $8.00

Pork Clear Noodle  Pork sautéed with clear noodle, snow pea, baby corn, carrot, mushroom, scallion and egg in brown sauce. $9.00

Pork Pineapple  Pork sautéed with pineapple, shitake mushroom, bok choy, scallion, and red pepper in coconut milk curry

                             Past sauce. $9.00 Adobe Systems

Tofu Mixed Vegetable  Tofu sautéed with broccoli, snow pea, baby corn, zucchini, carrot, bok choy and red pepper

                                         in light brown sauce. $8.00    

Eggplant- Shiitake Mushroom   Eggplant sautéed with shiitake mushroom, zucchini, onion, red pepper and basil leave

          in garlic brown sauce. $9.00                                                              

Pad Thai   Chicken and shrimp sautéed with noodle, onion, scallion, bean sprout, peanut and egg in brown sauce. $9.00

                   chicken $8.00 / Shrimp $10.00

Chicken Clear Noodle Pad Thai Chicken sautéed with clear noodle, onion, scallion, bean sprout, peanut and egg in brown

         sauce. $9.00

Beef Spicy Noodle   Beef sautéed with noodle, onion, scallion, red pepper, broccoli, tomato, bean spout and basil leave in

                                       hot chili sauce. $8.00 Adobe Systems

Shrimp & Chicken egg noodle  (Ba-Mee)   Shrimp and Chicken sautéed with egg noodle, carrot, snow pea, baby corn and

                                                                        Scallion in brown sauce. $9.00

Fried Rice   Chicken & shrimp, sautéed with rice, onion, carrot, pea, scallion and egg in light soy sauce. $9.00

                     chicken $8.00 / Shrimp $10.00

Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice  Chicken sautéed with rice, pineapple, pea, scallion, onion, cashew nut and egg

         in light soy sauce $9.00



Fried Banana $3.00/Add Vanilla Ice Cream $1.00 and Ice Cream only $2.50


Sodas $2.00, Thai Ice Tea and Thai Ice Coffee $2.50, Coffee and hot Tea $1.50Adobe Systems

You may request mild or spicy.

Whenever possible we will accommodate you dietary requirements. All dishes cooked to order with no MSG added.