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                                                   Dinner Entrees

                                          All served with white rice.  Brown rice $3.00 Steam Noodle $3.00

Chicken Red Curry    Chicken, bamboo shoot, zucchini, red and green pepper, basil leave in red curry sauce. $18.00 /Shrimp $23.00

Chicken Potato Curry  Chicken, potato and onion in aromatic yellow curry sauce. $18.00/Shrimp $23.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Beef   Panang Curry  Beef, green bean, broccoli red pepper, basil leave in peanut curry sauce. $19.00Adobe Systems/Shrimp $23.00

Adobe Systems

Beef Potato Curry  Beef, potato, onion  in aromatic yellow curry sauce. $19.00

Adobe Systems                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Pork Green Curry   Pork, snow pea, eggplant, red pepper and basil leave in green curry sauce. $19.00 /Shrimp $23.00

 Shrimp Panang Curry (8)   Shrimp, green bean, broccoli, red pepper,basil leave in peanut  curry sauce. $23.00

Adobe Systems

Shrimp Yellow Curry (8)  Shrimp, bamboo shoot, green pepper and cilantro in yellow curry. $23.00


Adobe Systems Chicken Curried Noodle   Chicken,egg noodle, snow Pea, bokchoy, scallion, cilantro ,fried onion   and red pepper in yellow curry. $23.00

Squid Curry Squid simmer in green curry with pea, bamboo shoot, red pepper and basil leave $23.00Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems

Tofu Curry   Steam tofu, pea, onion, scallion, tomato, zucchini and cilantro in yellow curry. $18.00

Adobe Systems

Vegetable Curry   green bean, brocolli, zucchini,bockchoy,carrot, red & green pepper, cilantro, peanut in red curry sauce. $18.00    

                                       Simply From the Chef


Roasted Duck Curry with pineapple, cherry tomato,basil leave in red curry sauce $ 31.00
Crispy Duck Honey with bok choy in honey sauce $31.00 
Crispy Duck Basil with onion, scallion, basil leave,red and green pepper in  spicy basil sauce$31.00
Adobe Systems

*;  Snapper / Grouper filet  topped with fried onion tamarind sauce / chili sauce in bed of bok choy and mushroom.$26.00Adobe Systems

*   Snapper /Grouper Basil filet with onion, red and green pepper,basil leave in hot spicy basil sauce.$26.00 Adobe Systems

*   Grouper Curry/Snapper Curry with pineapple, tomato and basil leave in red curry sauce.$26.00Adobe Systems



Chicken Peanut   Chicken sautéed with scallion, ginger and spinach in peanut sauce. $17.00 /Shrimp $22.00


Chicken Cashew Nut   Chicken sautéed with roasted cashew nut, onion, snow pea, scallion, green and red pepper in light

brown sauce. $17.00 /Shrimp $22.00


Chicken Broccoli   Chicken sautéed with broccoli and almond in light soy sauce. $17.00/Beef $18.00/Shrimp$22.00


Beef Oyster   Beef sautéed with mushroom, onion, scallion, green and red pepper in oyster sauce. $18.00/ Chicken $17.00/Shrimp$22.00


Beef Basil   Beef sautéed with sweet basil leave, onion, scallion, red and green pepper in hot chili sauce. $18.00 Adobe Systems/Chicken $17.00/Shrimp$22.00


Pork Ginger   Pork sautéed with ginger, scallion, onion, mushroom, red and green pepper in bean sauce. $18.00/ Chicken$17.00/Shrimp$22.00


Adobe SystemsPork Pineapple   Pork sautéed with pineapple,  mushroom, bok choy,onion, scallion,cilantro and red pepper in coconut milk curry paste sauce.$18.00 / Chicken $17.00 /Shrimp $22.00


Shrimp Snow Pea (8)  Shrimp sautéed snow pea,  mushroom, red pepper, scallion,onion,cilantro and ginger in brown sauce. $22.00/Chicken $ 17.00 

Adobe SystemsShrimp Chili  (8)  Shrimp sautéed with snow pea, red pepper,mushroom,green bean , cilantro,onion and scallion in red bell pepper sauce.$22.00/ Chicken$17.00


Tofu Mixed Vegetable   Tofu sautéed with broccoli, snow peas, green bean, zucchini, red&green pepper, carrot, bok choy and ginger in light brown sauce. $17.00/ Chicken $17.00


Eggplant   Eggplant sautéed with  mushroom, zucchini, onion, red pepper and basil leave

in garlic brown sauce. $17.00 /Shrimp $22.00


Chicken & Shrimp Pad Thai   Chicken and shrimp sautéed with rice noodle, onion, scallion, bean sprout, peanut and egg in brown sauce. $20.00

Chicken $17.00 / Shrimp $22.00

Chicken Spicy Fried Rice   chicken sauteed with egg, rice, onion, pea, red/green pepper,basil leave,scallion,cilantro  in hot chili sauce. $17.00Adobe Systems


Chicken Pad See Ew   Chicken sautéed with rice noodle, onion, broccoli, carrot, bean sprout and egg in sweet soy sauce. $17.00


Beef Spicy Noodle   Beef sautéed with rice noodle, onion, scallion, red pepper, broccoli, tomato, bean spout and basil leave in

hot chili sauce.$18.00 /Chicken $17.00 /Shrimp$22.00Adobe Systems

Pork Clear Noodle  Pork sautéed with clear noodle, snow pea,  carrot, onion, mushroom, scallion, cilantro and egg in brown sauce. $18.00 /Shrimp$22.00

Shrimp & Chicken Egg Noodle (Ba Mee) Shrimp & chicken sautéed with egg noodle, carrot, snow pea, cilantro and scallion in brown sauce. $20.00/Chicken only $17.00

Chicken & Shrimp Fried Rice   Chicken & shrimp, sautéed with rice, onion, carrot, pea, scallion,cilantro and egg in light soy sauce. $20.00 

Chicken $17.00 / Shrimp$22.00


Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice  Chicken sautéed with rice, pineapple, pea, scallion, onion, cilantro, cashew nut and egg in light soy sauce $18.00 /Shrimp $22.00

         Extra   Shrimp(4) /Beef $6.00    Pork/Chicken/Squid/Tofu/Mix Veggies $5.00    Veggie(1item)$3.00     Curry Sauce/Penut Sauce $9.00                                                                                                                           


                                         Fried Banana$5.00/Add Vanilla Ice Cream $2.00 and Ice Cream only $5.00 

                         All dishes cooked to order with no MSG added. Price are subject to change without prior notice.